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Originally Posted by Raider9175 View Post
Raiders offense will be top five if they stay healthy. The Raiders been a top ten offense the last two years. ( so I don't understand why your lowering the bar - just silly)
What? Lowering the bar?

Here's the deal: New coaches, new system, players not drafted for the specific skillsets of the WCO and zone blocking. What about all of that inexperience don't you understand?

You seem to think that it's all gonna happen without a hitch. Here's some news; it won't. There are going to be problems and the odds are good we won't be top 5.

And Greg Knapp is our O-coordinator. He's sucked in that position with good talent to work with before. He's a good qb coach but his actual, factual record as an OC prior to now absolutely sucks. I don't hold anything against him from when Purple Drank was king; that co**sucker ruined careers in Oakland. But even outside of that Knapp's not an impressive hire. We had a good system and a good offensive coordinator in Al Saunders. Why did McKenzie not make Dennis Allen keep him? Beats the hell outta me.

Speaking of Dennis Allen, who the hell is he? Seriously. He's a first time HC and is a defensive minded person. Fine... The Donk's D sucked early on, played lights out for a stretch, but then got its ass kicked in its final four or five games. And the guy who ran that defense is going to be our head coach? But he's a disciplinarian. At least there's that. Well hell, if that's all it took then why didn't we just hire R. Lee Ermey to come in and bust balls left and right?

You are right about the 0-line though. They'll be a bright spot. And the defense will be better. That may not be saying much though because it would have been difficult for them to be any worse than were last season.

If this season fails and we don't make the playoffs, it'll be the fault of Reggie McKenzie and the coaching staff. With a half-assed defense we would have ran away with the division last year. That's the only thing that needed to be fixed. Fix the D, keep the O and special teams = playoffs.

But instead the entire team got an overhaul. That's a lot of adjusting and it doesn't point to a top 5 offense. Maybe they'll buck the odds and it will all come together. You never know. And maybe a player who sat out for a year with broken neck that took multiple surgeries to fix will immediately return to form and take an otherwise bad team to the Superbowl.

But in reality, both are bad bets.

And finally...

Now the brillance OF Reggie MCkenzie ...
Let's just wait and see how this season goes before calling him brilliant. We haven't had the chance to see a single move that he's made happen in reality. As far as I'm concerned he's done some really stupid ****, namely not keeping Al Saunders as OC. But time will tell.
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