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Originally Posted by Raider9175 View Post
I'm going to say it slowly and I would advise you to read it twenty times so it sinks in.

The Fact is if not for the injuries on offense, the Raiders would have run away with the AFc West in 2011. That with a Defense that was atrocious. They couldn't stop anyone. That is a fact.

Now not only do they have a top ten offense but they upgraded that offense in several places for 2012. This offense should be top five in 2012. (with the improvements)

If the offense was good enough to win the division if they stayed healthy . What ever they get out of the defense in 2012 is gravy. (the offense will carry this team)

Raiders hired a defensive staff. Let them build the defense. They don't need this defense to be top five to win. All they need to improve this defense to average, and the Raiders are going very far in the playoffs. The raider offense going to be that good(No AFC West defense can handle)
I wouldn't say top 5. That's a helluva prediction. Assuming everyone stays healthy most of the time, then top 10 maybe.

And you're right, we had exceptional injuries last year to go along with the worst D in Raider history. Michael Bush was literally the only RB we could put in the backfield for the last 6 weeks of the season. Yeah, we had Rock Cartwright but he was just an older, slower version of Bush.

There was about 6-7 weeks in a row where we were down to our 5th and 6th WRs; and we had a qb who came in as cold as cold could be.

Now, if we'd kept Al Saunders as our OC, fine. Then top 10 easy. But we didn't. Instead we have Greg Knapp, a guy with a not so great track record. Ask Seahawk fans.

We have a new system, new language, and players who weren't drafted to play in such a system. I think Jacoby Ford will make the transition easily, Moore will eventually make it. But DHB? He finally came into own last season but he ain't the quickest learner in the class. Some think that his off the line speed makes him tailor made for a short and precise passing game; but sports fans love blowing sunshine up each other's asses about how great X player is going to be.

But if it does come together; If the wideouts know their assignments and can get off the ball, and can run their routes precisely, we'll be tough to stop. And IF McFadden is healthy for most games, lookout.
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