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Originally Posted by brantleymassey View Post
I have to agree with this. I think Oakland made another coaching mistake. They hired a first year coordinator and while the Denver D did improve it was still bad. Denver fans know what happens with you hire a young guy with little experience and a terrible team. As for KC I think they will be very tough so they could be a little higher but Cassel is still not a good QB. As for the chargers, well they never they have gotten worse each of the last four years and I don't expect that to change anytime under Norv Turner. Hopefully Denver can reach 10 wins but we can't forget one injury and they could be a 4 or 6 win team
I'm going to say it slowly and I would advise you to read it twenty times so it sinks in.

The Fact is if not for the injuries on offense, the Raiders would have run away with the AFc West in 2011. That with a Defense that was atrocious. They couldn't stop anyone. That is a fact.

Now not only do they have a top ten offense but they upgraded that offense in several places for 2012. This offense should be top five in 2012. (with the improvements)

If the offense was good enough to win the division if they stayed healthy . What ever they get out of the defense in 2012 is gravy. (the offense will carry this team)

Raiders hired a defensive staff. Let them build the defense. They don't need this defense to be top five to win. All they need to improve this defense to average, and the Raiders are going very far in the playoffs. The raider offense going to be that good(No AFC West defense can handle)

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