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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Thanks for taking the time to EXPOSE this..I'll guess raiderjoe and company will choose to IGGY it..
Here is the deal, no one is arguing Peyton manning career. He is a first ballot hall of famer. His accomplishment speak for themselve. Now this is a different conversation if the Broncos got him while he was in his prime(with no health issues).

Where we have a problem is to assume HE the real Peyton Manning. The man is 36 years now, had four very serious neck injuries , didn't play at all in 2011, and His weapons surrounding him aren't as good.

Who cares how he looks throwing the football in shorts, the test won't come till he takes a blindside hit. How many hits can he take before he doesn't get up) See Brett favre and Troy Aikman, in there later stages of their career both took a serious beating every time they threw the ball.
The older you get the more you body starts to feel it .(Now add the four neck surgeries and let see how many games he can play in in 2012.

Caleb Hanie taking the broncos to the promise land. Ask The Bear fans, how did that work out for them.

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