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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
What is Denver's odds of winning the super bowl by Vegas?
Denver: 18-1

Kansas City: 40-1

Oakland: 60-1

San Diego: 30-1

The Colts, Jags, and Vikings are all at the bottom at 150-1.

New England is the favorite at 5-1 while Green Bay is close at 11-2 (or 5.5 to 1).

Pittsburgh and Philly are up there at 8-1 and Houston at 10-1.

A good punchers chance would seem to be the Bears at 18-1. If things go right for them, they have a good a chance as anyone else. A couple hundred bucks would earn a nice return.

That's according to the first site I looked at so take it for whatever it's worth. But even if it came straight outta the asses of the best oddsmakers in Vegas, none of those odds are worth much. An injury to a starting quarterback earns any team spot next to the Colts.
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