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Greg Knapp loves to use the tight end in his offense. Owens was the leading receiver he and Dressen combined for 82 receptions and 9 touchdowns in 2011 for the Texans. Since the two tight end set is all the rage in the NFL I find it curious that of all the teams in the AFC West the raiders have the least talent at that position. I guess being 22 million over the cap with no draft picks until #95 their hands were tied.

I honestly don't know what Knapp's going to actually do vs. what the Texans did. The offenses will be similar but our wideouts as a group are better than Houstons. It would seem to make sense to utilize them more than the TEs, especially considering our lack of depth at that position.

As for why we didn't pick up someone else, it was probably a combination of the cap situation at the time and lack of draft picks. OTOH, who was there to get that's worth paying extra $ for? We have some cap space right now and could bring in another TE, the question is who?

There are going to be cap/contract issues next season that at this time are hard to analyze with any degree of certainty. So with that in mind, is it worth to get bumped right up against the cap now when we already have sufficient talent to make the offense viable? I don't know.
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