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Originally Posted by barryr View Post
True, Dorsey would be better in a 4-3 defense. Usually teams like their 3-4 DE to have some height to them to better occupy blockers and not get swallowed up as much.

Poe played in a mediocre conference against mediocre competition, so one would expect him to do more than he did if really going to be that great a pro. It's not impossible, but I just don't see it, especially this year.

Old veteran QB's usually don't do much with their new teams, but Manning's numbers in 2010 were better than at least 95% of the QB's in the NFL and few have his work ethic.
Barryr I hope your not being serious with this response.

Manning numbers in 2010 are immaterial when you consider he had another two neck surgeries since, Is now 36 years old, and missed the whole 2011 season due to that injury.

Only in the world of Barryr would you ignore all of that and think your going to see anything close to the 2010 version of Peyton Manning.

Does anyone know the over and under from Vegas how many games P manning plays this year. Peyton Manning’s over-under before being sidelined with injury is 8.5 games. How many Bronco fans are taking the over. But the Bronco have to be the favorites to win the AFc West.

ONLY In Donkey land. Caleb Hanie capable of taking them to the promise land- Ask Bears fans about that one.

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