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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
You realize many of those sacks were on the QB not the Oline, right? Also, you are telling us that more experience from our 2011 rookies isn't going to help or we have a QB that releases the ball before most defenders have a chance at him. Are you high?

Wooooow! So, our predictions, that are more on evidence, isn't counted on but your "Top 5" offense crap based on "wishing upon a star" and make believe dreams shouldn't be considered Miss Cleo material? Dude, please be sure to check in during the regular season. I am beginning to think you are really Tyrell Jones.
Everything is On the Qb. What a Joke they threw the ball 429 times only and you give up 42 sacks. P A T H E T I C.

Do you know who you start on the interior of your oline. Raiders DT will eat those guys up. NO Qb I don't care who they are, like pressure coming up the middle. Again a Qb could have the quickest rerlease but he still needs someone to throw to. You do know if a Qb still in the pocket and throws the ball away with no one there it's intentional grounding.

Here is the facts why my prediction makes more sense. Raiders been a top ten offense the last two years. IF they stayed healthy the ninth rank offense could have been in the top- five. That is a fact.

The Bronco offense was 23 ranked offense last year. You don't even know what Peyton Manning you're going to get. Huge question marks that are going to be there all season. To expect a huge jump is delusional as you just have to go so far.

That like me making a prediction Raiders defense going to be top five. That is comparable to your mindless predictions. I hope you don't disappear from your own board.
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