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Originally Posted by bronco militia View Post
since Shanahan drafted Clady, your opinion is moot
Along with maybe Al Wilson he was one of the DAFT choices in rounds one through 3 that were worth a crap.

But then so far only 6 of his 41 13% picks in those rounds were ever resigned by DEN before their rookie contracts expired..

Lets us all remember Tanahan used #54 to pick up a one-handed WR instead of one of the following.. talk about a monumental cluster ****

55 	Jacksonville Jaguars 	Greg Jones 	RB 	Florida State
56 	Cincinnati Bengals 	Madieu Williams 	FS 	Maryland
57 	Tennessee Titans 	Antwan Odom 	DE 	Alabama
58 	San Francisco 49ers 	Shawntae Spencer 	CB 	Pittsburgh
59 	Cleveland Browns 	Sean Jones 	SAF 	Georgia
60 	New Orleans Saints 	Courtney Watson 	MLB 	Notre Dame
61 	Kansas City Chiefs 	Kris Wilson 	TE 	Pittsburgh
62 	Carolina Panthers 	Keary Colbert 	WR 	USC
63 	New England Patriots 	Marquise Hill 	DE 	Louisiana State
2004 - Round 3
64 	Arizona Cardinals 	Darnell Dockett 	DT 	Florida State
65 	San Diego Chargers 	Nate Kaeding 	K 	Iowa
66 	San Diego Chargers 	Nick Hardwick 	C 	Purdue
67 	Oakland Raiders 	Stuart Schweigert 	SAF 	Purdue
68 	Indianapolis Colts 	Ben Hartsock 	TE 	Ohio State
69 	Indianapolis Colts 	Gilbert Gardner 	LB 	Purdue
70 	Green Bay Packers 	Joey Thomas 	CB 	Montana State
71 	Tennessee Titans 	Randy Starks 	DT 	Maryland
72 	Green Bay Packers 	Donnell Washington 	DT 	Clemson
73 	Detroit Lions 	Keith Smith 	CB 	McNeese State
74 	Buffalo Bills 	Tim Anderson 	DT 	Ohio State
75 	Pittsburgh Steelers 	Max Starks 	T 	Florida

Many of which are still playing a high rate vs Watts with 33 receptions and one TD..

Anyone stupid enough to DAFT a one-handed WR should have been taken out and shot right after the DAFT pick was announced..
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