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C J Anderson

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
give him the 50 mil and then build in incentives to get it where he THINKS it should be.. if he wants to be paid like one of the big boys let him earn it every game.. pretty simple IMO..

If he declines then franchise his ass while we draft or trade for his replacement..

Everyone thinks that OLT is the premier spot.. It used to be but with teh advent of 3-5 step drops and teh ball coming out fast it is no loner the money spot it used to be..

Do not get me wrong having an above average guy there will help matters, but tha past couple of years he has not been that above average guy we thought we were getting.. Now the maroock is wanting to be paid as the top guy.. Let him earn it..
So it's not a 5 tool position?
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