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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Raider9175 View Post
Were judging the Qb next season, not over their careers. I will take the Guy three years younger, without the four neck sugeries and who played last year.
You might as well start hyping Hanie as he capable of leading you to the promise land . (Right)

Again how many Sacks did Bronco's oline give up last year, and how did they upgrade that oline.

Yea but I'm the homer.
You realize many of those sacks were on the QB not the Oline, right? Also, you are telling us that more experience from our 2011 rookies isn't going to help or we have a QB that releases the ball before most defenders have a chance at him. Are you high?

Originally Posted by Raider9175 View Post
Okay Mrs Cleo. Can i get the lottery numbers for this week . Since you can see in the future. Do you not understand how stupid the statement you just made.
Wooooow! So, our predictions, that are more on evidence, isn't counted on but your "Top 5" offense crap based on "wishing upon a star" and make believe dreams shouldn't be considered Miss Cleo material? Dude, please be sure to check in during the regular season. I am beginning to think you are really Tyrell Jones.
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