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Um, yeah, while the Raiders are just loaded at that position
Actually, we are loaded at the WR position. I'd take the Raiders starting 3 over almost any other in the league. The oldest wideout we have is Bey and he came into his own last season, despite the odd misperception of that around here. As a rookie Denarius Moore played really well, and Jacoby Ford is playmaker too. Each one of those guys can reach full speed in a couple of steps and be gone.

If these guys don't get injured (and every fan looks at it from that POV before thes season starts), opposing D-coordinators are going to have nightmares.

As for Palmer, this is make or break for him. He still has gas in the tank in that he can still make every throw on the field. It's his decision making process that's in question, not his physical abilities. So we'll see how that goes.

I genuinely don't understand the casual dismissal of the capabilties of the Raider offense around here. A much easier target is the defense. That's where our problems were last year and the year before that and the year before that, etc. We're thin in the d-backfield and LB corps and have marginal and inexperienced talent at nearly all of those positions.

If I were an opposing fan my take on Oakland would be that sure, the offense is dangerous, but not when they're sitting on the bench while your defense is giving up 10+ play drives for touchdowns.
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