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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Jackson and Dorsey are elite 3-4 DE's when it comes to stopping the run. And this team needed that, because players like Tamba Hali struggled to stop the run at that time (last year he was actually pretty decent in that aspect).

One of the most important jobs of a 3-4 DE is to hold blockers at the point so that your OLB's have a chance to get to the QB. Since the Chiefs put Dorsey and Jackson in the 3-4 in 2009, Tamba Hali has had 35 sacks (11.5 average a season). The 3 years before that, Tamba got half as many sacks as opposed to the 3 years in the 3-4, and 2 years he had Jared Allen taking up all the double teams.

Jackson and Dorsey have done a good job in the Chiefs system. Of course they need to work on getting sacks, but they do a lot of the hard work that has made it easier for guys like DJ to have more opportunities.

Like I said before. I thnk Allen Bailey is gonna be a really good DE for us all around. He's going to make more of an impact than Dorsey or Jackson.
Sorry, but drafting a 3-4 DE in the first round who offers little to nothing as a pass rusher is stupid, especially doing it twice. The only position worthy of drafting a DL in the first round is at DT or NT to be a run stuffer. The Chiefs decide to take the route this past draft and take an underachiever in the first round at NT. History shows taking a DL or even an OL, that are considered underachievers coming into the NFL rarely pan out. Good luck with that one.
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