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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I was wondering how long it would take for you to start waxing nostalgic.

And the reason Steve Young wasn't awesome out of the gate is because he was essentially Tim Tebow raw. I'm a BYU fan and Robbie Bosco was a more polished QB than Young. However his athleticism and natural accuracy gave him a high ceiling. Talent around him had nothing to do with it. He needed to grow into a passing QB.

Carson Palmer had a good Chad Johnson, TJ Houshmandzadeh in his prime and Rudi Johnson averaging 12 TD's a year and 1500 yards rushing (because he actually played a full season) and the best he could muster was .500 football with one post-season appearance in his entire time there.

Carson Palmer is average. And now he's old and average. You want to talk about Manning getting old, at least he was good the last season he played. You're pinning all your hopes on 33 year old QB suddenly being the guy he was six years ago because you have RB made of glass, "a whole bunch o' potential!" at receiver and Tight End, and the pipe dream that a scheme change on defense, after losing defensive talent is going to polish your turd of a defense into something even average.

Homer on, bro.
Were judging the Qb next season, not over their careers. I will take the Guy three years younger, without the four neck sugeries and who played last year.
You might as well start hyping Hanie as he capable of leading you to the promise land . (Right)

Again how many Sacks did Bronco's oline give up last year, and how did they upgrade that oline.

Yea but I'm the homer.
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