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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Didn't you hear? Tebow made the receivers look better than they are. And Manning will all his throwing ability will reveal that they are terrible.
See when you assume you make an ass out of your self. Let see that QB who 36 years old, with four major neck surgeries(not like minor knee surgery) , didn't play at all in 2011, doesn't have anywhere the Oline or the weapons he had with his old team.

Let see him take a hit(every time he throws it expect someone to hit him. (the Troy Aikman/ Bret Favre treatment at the end of their career) Sooner or later expect that to take a toll on his body. You really think Bronco running game is anywhere near number 1 -without Tebow.

Your assuming this is Peyton manning in his prime years. The Broncos gave up what 42 sacks last year. What changes have they made to that Oline. What is the over and under on games, Peyton manning plays in next year.
Can Hanie take those Bronco wr to the next level. Than what will you be saying there. More excuses.
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