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Originally Posted by barryr View Post
Whatever. Neither team has a QB worth a crap nor a good enough defense to carry a weak QB.
Carson Palmer 199 completed 328 attempts 61% completion percentaGE 2,753 YARDS 8.4 average yard per reception.

Now that with him coming off his couch week 7 cold, Never played with the team, Not knowing the plays, The players- chemistry or timing, and didn't have his stud Rb to lean on.. Tell me Genius what QB would have done any better under the same circumstances.

Now C Palmer playing in a more Qb friendly offense, Gets to play with DMC, has a whole off season to get on same page with his Wr corp and his weapons on offense were further upgraded.

This is by far the most explosive weapons C Palmer has ever had on offense. He going to have his best year he ever had in the NFl(there is that much talent on the Raiders offense)

Raiders would have run away from the division if there weapons stayed healthy on offense and that is without a defense. Raiders defense will be alot better in 2012.(better coaching and schemes)

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