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Originally Posted by Raider9175 View Post

Dhb probably never going to be a big Td guy. Juron Crimner will come in when Raiders get in the redzone to replace DHB. From the 20 - 20 yard line he is always going to be effective.
What?!?! The whole point of him being drafted was he could score big TD's. Now you're saying he's never going to do that?

Sorry Decker and D thomas aren't that good and my point will be proven with Peyton manning the Qb. If manning can't make you look good, than your garbage. (See D thomas)
How is your point going to be proven? If Manning makes them look better, that proves you right? lol ok! Eric Decker put up excellent numbers in a season where we averaged like 7 completions a game. DT started five games and put up 500 yards and 4 TD's, again, all with Tebow throwing him the ball.

And it's you're, not your.
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