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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
raiderjoe frankly lives a delusional life..
if they are fast they must be great players..

Denarius Moore , DHb and Jacoby Ford all might be incredible young but everyone of those widereceiver are proven players. Not to mention emerging big time players that can score from anywhere when ever they touch it.

The Lockout last year had the most effect on one of the fastest players in the game(Jacoby ford- had a variety of leg injuries that can be attributed to no offseason workouts. A healthy J ford in 2011 would have put up some big numbers.

NOw the fact is Juron Criner is going to be pushing those three for playing time. He's that talented and he brings something to table all WCO offense must have. A reliable big WR option with great hands who can get the key cat5ches when you need that first down.( This guy isn't a speed threat by any means but he a physical presence who going to do just as much damage).

Witgh the talent Raiders have on offense I expect this Raider offense to be a top five offense in 2012. Eventually (next season or the year after) this should be the number 1 offense in football. It has that much talent and all the key parts are incredible young.

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