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Originally Posted by boltaneer View Post
Sure, you can make a case that there's talent there.

It's all unproven though. It's ridiculous to say this is a position of strength until they prove it.
Don't look now but that's another Raider Wr running past the Chargers secondary. C Palmer and Raiders WR corp owned the Chargers secondary. (that was a one dimensional offense)

YEs the Raiders defense was even more brutal than the Chargers D the last game of the season. (why they brought in a new defensive staff)

The fact is with a healthy Raiders running game the Chargers don't win that game. First of all Raiders don't settle for field goals instead of scoring touchdowns. Second It makes it even easier(if that's possible against Chargers secondary that was simply over matched) to get behind a secondary when DMC killing them all day in the running game. Third, with the addition of Wr Juron criner and return of DMC- the Raiders are one of the top red zone teams.

As a Charger fan you shouldn't even open your mouth about the Raiders Wr corp, instead you should worry more about improving that porous secondary.

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