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Originally Posted by baja View Post
If your willing to pay a player 10 million a year he is not easily replaceable.
that depends on the reasoning behind paying a player that. if you pay him based upon potential and he doesn't pan out then he is easy to replace.
there have been many times when a player gets paid and becomes a bad investment after the contract is signed(Tommy Kelly,Albert Haynesworth,Kevin Kolb,Donovan McNabb & etc)

if you're based upon performance and they sustain it then yes it's a good deal and they're hard to replace.

but Clady has not played up to the level of a elite LT since his rookie year.
5 years 50 mil is really good value considering his recent performance.
he may be able to get more on the open market but that doesn't mean you pay him for that.

if he balks at this offer or a more improved one then you franchise him and make him prove it two years in a row.
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