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Originally Posted by MagicHef View Post
My point is that if you want a one dimensional run stopper, you trade a 5th for him (Bunkley), grab him as a UDFA (Mike Devito), or something like that. You don't draft him with the #3 or #5 pick.

Look at the top 7 run defending 3-4 DEs from last year. 4 of them are also awesome at rushing the passer. Of the 3 that aren't, one was a UDFA and the other 2 are top five picks. Guess who those 2 are.

I guess my point is that 400HZ's assesment of Dorsey and Jackson as busts isn't far from reality.
Pioli didn't draft Dorsey. And I think Allen Bailey is the better than both of them. He's gonna be a great player.
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