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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
You don't understand. Imagine if Elway moved to the Raiders the last three years of his career. What do you do? You can't hate Elway if you love him. You want to see him win. But you hate the Raiders and you choke at the thought of them winning another championship.

This is... I have no words for this. It's like swallowing the biggest ball of suck, and choking on it.
As a lifetime Mariners fan and Yankees hater, I feel your pain. I was FOR CERTAIN that Ichiro would be a Mariner for life. Seemed like that is just how it was meant to be. I am happy he can be on a winning franchise and have a shot at winning. In all honesty, this was a move that should have been done a few years ago when he was still doing quite well. The return on this is marginal, but could have been better a few years ago.

This team is crap right now. It is incredibly young with no veteran leadership to speak of. Smoak was finally optioned to AAA (he will never get better, he's a loser) and Ackley has been batting rancid since the end of May. Seager has hit a wall. The only bright spots on the team are Jaso, Felix and some relief pitching, but Wilhelmsen will be dealt too. The Mariners have arms for days, but don't have any hitters.

No hitter wants to play at Safeco anyways. They have to move in the fences.
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