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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
He won't make it to FA next year. If they team is willing to offer 5/$50M they're definitely willing to franchise tag him at the end of the season.

5/$50M is a very fair offer. If Clady wants more make him prove it, at more than 5/$50M the downside of him never being '08/'09 Clady outweighs the savings if he returns to that form. At or below 5/$50M you can make a strong argument that you're saving money if he returns to career form.

Obviously Ryan is hoping to have his cake and eat it too, getting a deal like he's the elite LT he looked like early on without having played up to that level recently. We can give him that Joe Thomas deal just as easily next off-season if he earns it, or we can have him play another year on the bubble via the franchise tag.
oh yeah, I agree. I just think it's foolish for Broncos fans to think Clady can't go out and find a better deal. There are just enough teams every year willing to over spend on solid young players like Clady.
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