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He'll get over $12 million if Denver waits until next year whether he ius worth it or not. So he is not worth $10 million you let him move to another team because he is not worth it then what do you do for a LT?

Sign him and use you draft and FA to get players you need and not worry about the LT position.
He might get close to $12 million this year if the Broncos buckle. I think the odds are very good that Clady will be signed just because he is too important to the team. IMO of course. If Denver has to spend a draft pick or get a less productive OT in FA than Denver is farther not closer to the SB. Denver needs all their draft picks and FA money spent on helping the team succeed. Not replacing good/great players that are already on the roster.

The money makes no differance. It is all Monopoloy money anyway. Denver is in win now mode and not resigning your best OLman would be a horrible setback.
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