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Trevor Penrose

Originally Posted by DomCasual View Post
It's hard to back down on the dose. What are you taking? 10mg?

Ambien gets a bad rap, because of the crazy stuff it makes some people do. But I'll tell you. It beats sleepless nights.

The good thing is that you don't seem to build a tolerance to it - at least I haven't. I've taken the same dose for over ten years.
I am taking the CR's which are 12.5mg. I asked for a script to back it off to the 10mg IR. Just to see what happens.

I think the real issue is the neck and back pain is waking me up after I take the meds (the right way in bed for the night and initially fall asleep) the medicated me thinks I am normal gets bored and sends email or posts here. I have since woken up lucid in front of the laptop with an email full of gibberish and misspelt words before. It seems the later in the night I wake up the more normal my stuff is, if I wake up soon after taking it and falling asleep it is wacky embarrassing stuff. I guess it is no different than drunk posts but it is still embarrassing.

When I took the stuff before the accident I would sleep through the night and have no issues out side of some munchies.

Your right though, I would take an event like this every year or 2 rather than not be able to sleep at all.
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