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Ed Hochuli

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Thanks. Honestly If it weren't for Norv coming back, I'd probably be higher on the Chargers. Norv typically has early season swoons to teams they have no business losing against. Even on the Raiders that was how he rolled. You guys barely stole some early season success last season. Rivers won't be hurt this year, which will help. MAYBE Meachem will be able to be Vincent Jackson-esque, but trust me when I tell you Royal is nothing but a tease. He'll give you guys one big play in a game and then disappear for games at a time.
I'm really excited for Royal simply because he's a type of receiver that we haven't had in a long time. Having the big guys who can wrestle the ball away downfield is nice, but having a quicker guy who can get separation and YAC is going to be something new. I don't think he'll be a featured player or put up huge numbers, but oftentimes its the small things that are the difference between a W and L. And if (when) Floyd gets hurt, I think he can help shoulder the load for a few games.

Mecheam will probably be the guy with the numbers. For what Norval does on offense, he's a perfect fit. It's not a square peg/round hole/Dan Snyder type signing.
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