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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
The Broncos cannot afford to draft an offensive lineman in the first round next year with big holes at linebacker, defensive back and quite possibly again, the defensive line to fill.
To go along with Rymes post, if he doesn't sign this contract extension, we can franchise tag him next season. That gives us 1 year to draft an OL and then possibly go FA at our other holes (or visa versa).
Clady thinks we have no other option but we have time. It isn't like the DJ Williams situation where he fails a drug test right before TC starts and after the draft (and most FA already picked up to other teams). This is where Elway and company earn thier pay. They need to plan out if he doesn't sign. It makes it easy for all of us if he does sign it and has the form that Clady had his first two seasons. We would be set and now go after DL and linebackers next season.
Clady, be a team player and also realize this contract is sweet for you. Sign now, get the pressure off and perform! If you really want to be a Bronco, your signing this extension will help us improve in the future.
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