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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
FYI, this is factually true.

Multiple opposing defensive players talked about how they were being told repeatedly to keep containment on Tebow as the top priority, not attacking the QB.

New England, who did so well against us in both games, took this to the extreme and basically had their DEs spying the edges for Tebow to scramble around the end.

Teams significantly reduced their pass rush pressure against the Broncos late last season in order to take away escape routes for Tebow.
The sack rate doubled with Tebow in the lineup. Almost literally. The sack % ("Percentage of Time Sacked When Attempting to Pass") was 5.5% with Orton and exploded to 10.9% with Tebow. So, if teams were really toning down their pass rush for Tebow, it's pretty ominous that he was nevertheless getting sacked at twice the rate per drop back than the human statue Orton. That says more about Tebow's flaws than the quality of the blocking.
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