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Originally Posted by Karenin View Post
Haha, there's probably less than a hundred 41 year olds on the planet hotter than that hurdler chick. I'm sure your fat, haggard, wrinkly, stretch marked, old ass wife is not one of them.

God I'm glad I'm not old.
You're not very old yet, but you are very small from the looks of that picture of you riding that children's toy horse.

I'd estimate that you are about 5'1 or 5'2 and judging by your malice towards other posters on this board, I'm guessing you have angry small man's disease, so you try and rip on other people to make yourself feel better.

I guess I'd be upset too if I was in my 20s and was still unable to ride the big people rides at Elitch Gardens.

Take solace though, my vertically challenged fellow Maner....when you do eventually grow old, you'll probably shrink below the 5'0 mark and be eligible for a handicapped sticker and maybe even a booster seat at Denny's.

Go ahead and try and denigrate everyone else here to make yourself feel like a regular size man, but we all know you are a pint sized little angry hobbit that takes out his angst at others on the Internet, where everyone is 6'2 and 210 pounds behind their keyboard.

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