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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Karenin View Post
Haha, there's probably less than a hundred 41 year olds on the planet hotter than that hurdler chick. I'm sure your fat, haggard, wrinkly, stretch marked, old ass wife is not one of them.

God I'm glad I'm not old.
Oh you will be. 40s arent so bad once you are here. As long as you are not what you described above. Or dating one of those. Karenin, is that family smack? I think it is but we will let the Mods decide.

That chick isnt that hot but what would you know as you and your boys spring break in Laguna beach. Here is a little knowledge that you might want to know. The sugar daddies that you were looking for all moved to Palm Springs. That is now the hot bed of your type of sexual desires.
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