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Agh... say it ain't so! I would say the same thing about Feast for Crows, which I have never gotten around to finishing. Read the first three books about 10 years ago, waited forever for Feast to come out, and was kinda disappointed. My autographed copy of it has been sitting, collecting dust, half-finished since I bought it.

I've been re-energized to re-read it and start on Dance with the release of the TV show...was hoping that Dance got the series back on track.
If anything, that feeling first crept in on Feast for Crows. But you think, "well, after the third one maybe he was entitled to a set up book or something." But then Dance with Dragons makes you realize Feast for Crows was not a set up for Dance with Dragons. He's introducing elaborate elements that go nowhere. Having characters wander about to no purpose. Introducing more wandering bands of warriors that have a name for their wandering band.

Dance with Dragons confirms the sick feeling that first started to creep in with Feast for Crows. There's still hope that the core plot ends up being satisfying. But hope is lost that Martin is a genius who crafted a story that could only be told in 10,000 pages. He just can't stop himself and reel it in and focus.
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