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Originally Posted by Jay3 View Post
That's because the project is beginning to fail as a novel. Martin is great at an episodic television approach, but he's beginning to demonstrate an inability to focus on the core narrative, and to bring it to conclusion. Dance is the first one where the flop sweat really began to show -- we can see behind the curtain, so to speak.

I say that as a fan and one who will be reading the next installment.
Agh... say it ain't so! I would say the same thing about Feast for Crows, which I have never gotten around to finishing. Read the first three books about 10 years ago, waited forever for Feast to come out, and was kinda disappointed. My autographed copy of it has been sitting, collecting dust, half-finished since I bought it.

I've been re-energized to re-read it and start on Dance with the release of the TV show...was hoping that Dance got the series back on track.
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