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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
You beat a battered Steelers team at home in a miracle. Congrats.

What happened the next week? Care to tell?

You're playing those caliber of teams almost every week this year. Wonder how many "miracles" you'll need this time.

And don't even bring up Manning. He alone won't make up the difference of 40+ points against that team.

And you guys talk like your SB contenders? You aren't even a top 3 team in the weaker conference. Doubt you guys go to the SB, especially this year.
You have nothing we beat that caliber of team last year and we can do it again
You lost to bu at home 41-7 with a full squad
A playoff win is a playoff win ask Dallas cowboys
Trying to marginalized our win is a weak argument
Vegas doesn't ignore mannings presence but you do cause you have nothing but a team that got boat raced at home by a team that hasn't been to the super bowl in but once in the last 25 years

Manning a raven killer btw

I told you last year before preseason Kc was going be bit by the injury bug snd this year I'm telling you Denver wins the divisioion Kc will be out by week 12 due to cassell

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