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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Xenos View Post This is incorrect. If the special teams had an abysmal season like 2010 then I can see that, but they were very much improved in 2011. The defense should be better with all the pickups we did in FA and the draft. Plus, you get addition by subtraction with the firing of Manusky.
You might be improved but you still suck pretty bad.

You guys were tied for sixth in most punt return yards allowed and fourth worst in opponents punt return average.

You guys allowed the second most kickoff return yards in the league last year. You did finish 6th worst in kickoff return average, but when you realize there is only a yard of difference between you and second to worst place, it doesn't look so great anymore.

You were next to worst in punt return yards and sixth worst punting average.

You did climb up to eleventh in your own kick off return yards, and Nick Novak is clearly superior to Nate Kaeding.

So improved? Sure. Much improved? I suppose since 2010 was the worst special teams in the NFL in the last thirty years, then sure. I'll give you that. But just because it seems a lot better than it was, doesn't mean it isn't still bad. You still suck on special teams and that's going to hurt you. It's not epic legendary suck, but you suck.
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