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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
The San Diego Chargers
Last Season: 8-8

Prediction 8-8: It is more likely that Rivers rebounds and plays better than that his poor performance last year was a sign of things to come. Their running game is suspect, and their receivers are new and watered down versions of what was their last year. Even so, Rivers can make it work and I think this will be a year he strings the rest of his team along. The poor special teams and average defense will make for things that even Rivers with good receivers won’t be able to overcome. The easier schedule on the front end means the Chargers might be able to avoid their chronically poor September, but I think on the back end they may have difficulty pulling the big wins out. This is incorrect. If the special teams had an abysmal season like 2010 then I can see that, but they were very much improved in 2011. The defense should be better with all the pickups we did in FA and the draft. Plus, you get addition by subtraction with the firing of Manusky.
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