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David Ausberry was the top high school recruit in the nation at Wr. He had some injuries at USC. The guy is a beast. A 6'4 265 Te with sub 4.5 speed . (watch what he does in this houston Texans type offense- very Te friendly scheme due to scheme alot of te are going to come free) R Gordon anothyer 6'4 265 with 4.63 is going to also going to have a big year.

I'm gonna go through a bunch of your "claims"...but I'll start here. On what site was Ausberry the "top high school recruit in the nation"? (Percy Harvin says hello.)

Rivals? Nope. (5th)
Scout? Nope. (6th)
ESPN? Nope. (6th)

Good try...Ausberry wasn't even USC's top WR in 2006.
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