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According to this board, Manning + the 2011 Broncos are so great that it doesn't matter that they beat the heavyweights of the losing team status and are facing several talented teams that can beat the Broncos even with Manning.

The 2011 Broncos took advantage of a soft last place schedule and the fortune of good luck throughout the year aka no major injuries except Dawkins (you guys won the division wether Kuper was hurt or not in week 17).

The Chiefs lost their QB midseason, the Raiders lost their QB early and signed signed a QB on the fly who hasn't played in a long time and had a week to learn the playbook midseason, and Phillip Rivers was uncharacteristically bad last year for the first time since 2007.

I don't buy the Broncos roster as a whole. I don't think the Broncos were as good as their 8-8 record indicated. Defensive line (aside from Dumberville rushing the QB) is overrated and none are excellent run stuffers. And I don't buy the OL either. Clady was bad last year and Franklin is not a good pass protector at all. Broncos have the worst running game in the division with Tebow gone and you have no time to gain chemistry early.
All that and yet somehow Denver managed to make playoffs when it would of been easy to mail it in and suck for Luck. I personally think Elway tried that but the team pulled together.
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