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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
The Raiders are so loaded with offensive talent they have no WRs with a 1000 seasons. They have 4 TE's with 29 career catches between them and a starting RB that has yet to play more then 13 NFL games in a 16 game season.
You do know where talking about some very young players. 24 year old DHB- very raw player who took some time to get up to NFL game, broke out last year would have easy had 1000 yards , if not for the Qb situation.

Jacoby Ford- Second year wr. Broke into lineup half way through his rookie season(8 games and last year he missed a lot of time with various leg injuries last year(lockout really hurt him as he a player that relies on his blazing speed) He plays 16 games he will put up 1000 easily.

Denarius Moore- a rookie last year and he put up some impressive numbers. The sky the limit how good he will be. Let see if he doesn't crack 1000 yards this year.

Juron Criner this year rookie will be another big time player. He brings something total different than the other wr's.

There is no age to the Rb's corps. DMC 24 taiwan Jones 23, and M goodson 24

Again Your talking about some very young TE david Ausberry, R gordon Brandon Myers

Come tell me after this year how many 1,000 yard receivers the raiders have. Also for a offense I rather have a lot of people catching the football than one or two players. The reason why it make it a lot harder for the defense to defend against that type of offense.

Lets look at the Raiders they have three explosive Rb's(DMC , M goodson and Taiwan Jones) That can score from anywhere whether its a pass or run. FB marcel reece - a unique weapon no other NFl team possess . .

Three of the fastest WR (DHB, J Ford and denarious moore) to go with a very good deep passer(C Palmer)

They added Juron Criner the type of Wr all WCO offense need. A big wr with great size, hands and a go to WR when you need a first down.

Two Young explosive Te's both 6'4 265 one has sub 4.5 speed and the other 4.63. One more the reciever and the other the blocker.

when you have that many weapons on offense and only one ball. Its going to be tough to put up big individual numbers but your talking about a top five offense.

So yes keep your stats (one wr getting over 1000yards), all I care about having a top five offense. Raiders offense when season over in 2012 expect their offense to be ranked higher than the Broncos.

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