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Originally Posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
You guys have pick 6 Palmer. He had one great year and that was it. Very overrated player and there was a reason the Raiders were the only team willing to pay waaaay to much for him.
Lets see Carson Palmer was 199 completions in 328 attempts for 61% completion percentage 8.4 average per completion. (that number going way up with healthy DMC)

Yes he did throw too many interceptions last season. Again not making an excuse but he did come off his couch cold week 7. (Not knowing the offense, The Players, and never had chance to play with DMC. You expect him to be a lot more comfortable in the offense.

Now the Raiders offense he playing in is a WCO(means a lot more safe passes to running backs and Tight ends . That in itself going to decrease his interception total a lot.

JMO There no way Carson Palmer if he stays healthy doesn't have his best season ever in the Pro's. There is just too much explosive weapons on offense. a Healthy DMc just just opens the deep passing game even more.
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