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Originally Posted by Mightysmurf View Post
Logical fallacy much? The Broncos and the Colts both did not have Manning last year. The Broncos went to the second round of the playoffs. The Colts got the 1st pick in the draft. Now the Broncos have Manning.

Also, work on your subject-verb agreement a little bit, dude. I'm sure most 3rd graders could conclude that the loss of two good players would, in fact, hurt a defense.
Who did the Broncos beat last year to get to the playoffs?

That's right. You beat losing teams with devastating injuries or just bad teams.

One of your eight wins came against a winning team and got your asses handed to you when you played elite teams.

This year you play very good teams all year (6 of first 8 games against playoff teams and a MNF game at SD), so the whole "we were 8-8 last year and we got Manning" doesn't help your case.
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