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Originally Posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
I didn't say that all I said the the place of schedule argument is overrated. How many teams counted going to Indy last a loss when the schedule came out? It's a crapshoot on what teams will be tougher and especially once injuries pile up.
I do not disagree with your premise you play the games on sunday and that determines who wins..

But I know that first place teams tend to be better year after year than do last place teams..

those elite to really good teams do not fluctuate much in the terms of wins and losses, UNLESS there is an injury issue..

those good teams have elite talent and coaching and are not as a general rule turning over either every other year..

I suspect that of the 6 playoff teams combined (that we play this coming year) they have not had 7 different DCs over the past ten years let alone our 7 years..

I do know from past experience that first place teams get there because they are good, not because they had a QB that was the joke of the NFL last year and no one thought they would be trapped playing DEN..

But those that did lose paved the way for the last few (IIRC 4) teams that stopped our O and ran over our D..
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