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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Raider9175 View Post
Your defense can't slow down the Raiders offense. That is a fact. Whether they want to run it or pass it. What will the Raiders defense be like. I really can't give you an answer there. Who knows.

All I know is with how good the Raiders offense will be, they don't need that defense to be top 10.(See Patriots, Saints, and Packers) That defense is just average, and the Raiders are running away with the AFc west.

The Broncos offense doesn't have the talent yet on offense to play with the raiders or match them point for point.
Except for that one time at bandcamp where they absolutely molested your defense running a basic high school read option offense with Tim Tebow. And also that one time last year where they were one Kyle Orton boner away from beating you at home . And now they have Peyton ****ing Manning and yet they don't have the talent to play with Oakland offensively.
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