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Originally Posted by Raider9175 View Post
Your defense can't slow down the Raiders offense. That is a fact. Whether they want to run it or pass it. What will the Raiders defense be like. I really can't give you an answer there. Who knows.

All I know is with how good the Raiders offense will be, they don't need that defense to be top 10.(See Patriots, Saints, and Packers) That defense is just average, and the Raiders are running away with the AFc west.

The Broncos offense doesn't have the talent yet on offense to play with the raiders or match them point for point.
You sure your not raiderjoe?

 sure talk trash like he did.. as some said talking out of his ass.

time will tell who is correct.. But I suspect you will be very quiet after a few games just like he was..

Let me just add aldavis buried that club with loads of dysfunctional talent and cap eaters..

I feared the day that he would die and someone who did not have his head up his speedy ass would come in and let a coach do his job, COACH..

lets revisit this converstaion come sep 31st..
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