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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Champ Bailey owns Carson Palmer. Absolutely owns him.
Like D revis, which Champ Bailey not even close to that level anymore. Why even challenge Champ when you can go after t Porter (no elite cb) and the Broncos third Cb. The Raiders trio of DHB, D moore and jacoby Ford should have a mismatch somewhere every time against the Bronco secondary.

In the new offense the running backs will be a big part of the passing offense. That means whether Its DMC/Goodson(both will move out to WR a lot as both have legitimate Wr skills ) or Fb marcel reece your talking serious mismatches there. (that very safe passes that should cut c Palmer interceptions)

That not even taking the running game into consideration as The Bronco haven't stopped it for how long now.

You add raiders running game with so many options in the passing game and the Bronco don't have enough on defense to stop it.

Raiders have a full healthy offense and no one in the AFC west is stopping this offense. Chiefs might have one of the better defense in Afc West but that defense isn't elite. ( not even close to a dominating defense)

BTw jacoby Ford did seem to give Champ Bailey all kinds of problems.

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