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Originally Posted by DontBeMessin View Post
When we are pulling three players from their couches to play and finish the season on our starting squad to have a record that TIED YOURS...

Yea - we sucked balls... What is your excuse?

Well, if its excuses you want:

We lost our starting RB (moreno)
We lost our Starting DT (ty warren)
We lost our other starting DT (Big Vick)
We lost our starting S (dawkins)
We lost our starting RG (kuper)
We lost our starting FB (larsen)
We lost our staring SLB and DROY for a few games (Von Miller)
We lost our other starting RB (Mcgahee) for a bit due to injury
We had one of the best sack master in the league hampered by injury (doom)
We had Demaryius Thomas on Pup until week 6
We also switched QBs on the fly like you did, only ours had only 3 games starting experience and was a project. Not a proven passer who was polished like you.

So that is 6 starters off the top of my head, with another few players missing almost half the year due to injury, all of which are or were starters before they got hurt.
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