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Originally Posted by Mightysmurf View Post
If I were a casual onlooker with now football knowledge whatsoever, and I was looking at the thread, the bevy of grammatical errors and logical fallacies in the posts by those supporting the Raiders and the Chiefs would lead me to take the side of Denver, simply because the only hint of rationality in this thread, in fact, comes from The Denver fans.

There are dumb fans everywhere, sure... But this also makes me question the intelligence of people who traverse to rival forums. Bob, KCStud, Dontbemessin, And Raider9175 are all unfortunate cautionary tragedies from the margins of the achievement gap in the US education system. It is best to ignore them...
must be the son of raider ho whoops I mean raider joe..
now that man could talk some smack during off-season especially right after the draft.. up to when the raiders started losing then he flat disappeared from all the broncos sites..

Only to be seen again right after the draft with how great all of aldaviss choices where.. never forget him slobbering all over robert he would be the best OLT in the NFL for decades.

I've heard it seen, it and HOPED it for going on 6 decades about how this would be THE season we won it all, all up to and before the season started and then reality set in that those draft (DAFT choices in mikeys case) really did not fix the problem..
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