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Default Something positive to remember July 20th for

I wasn't going to post this in light of the recent shootings in Aurora but I thought it would be nice to remember what humans can do when they have goals and are challenged.

It was this date on July 20th 1969, at 10:18pm eastern time, that the whole world watched in rapt attention as men landed on the Moon for the 1st time. For a few moments all of the Earth were brothers and equal and proud, we were all citizens of one land, we were all from Earth.

Over the Christmas holiday in 1968 the first men to orbit the moon essentially redeemed a year which saw the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy, wide spread rioting and an on going battle for civil rights among other things. While the crew for Apollo 8 orbited the moon they read from Genesis while filming the 1st Earth rise seen by the world. Many people who lived through the turmoil of that year said that flight saved 1968 and gave people hope for the future.

NASA went on to land 2 men on the moon within President Kennedy's challenge before the decade was out. People rose to the call and had a clear goal, many contractors and academics were given license to create procedures and hardware that would send men over 250,000 miles from Earth, land on the Moon and return to the Earth. The Capsule had to be made to send men into space and withstand a furious reentry, a lander had to be built that essentially had tin foil for a floor it was a craft that if entered on Earth would be crushed by the weight of the Astronauts, and a space ship platform had to be created to catapult all that hardware into orbit and beyond.

I am sure all of you at some point have heard me spout all the above before but on days like today when I feel that mankind has hit a low point I like to remember the good things we as a society have accomplished. I long for my kids to have their president challenge them to accomplish the other things not because they are easy but because they are hard, missions and projects that will benefit people everywhere and add to scope of human knowledge.

So as you remember those who lost life or were impacted by the trauma of the events this morning also take time to remember the good things we as a race of beings on a small blue marble of a world floating in a vast galaxy of an even vaster universe can accomplish when we set our minds to for it happened one day on the 20th of July.
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