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I still cannot see how the faid think they have the best wr in the division.

DHB- stone hands, getting stoned and dui. All he can do is run fast and drop balls. Not good.

Denarius Moore- Good WR, fast, can run routes and make catches. Solid Guy here.

Jacoby Ford- Another fast guy, small, easy to re-route but can catch. - Another eddie royal. Average to slightly above average.

Louis Murphy- I actually really like him, but hes always hurt, possesion wr.

Chaz Schillenz- big, strong, similar to marshall but hes always hurt. Does he even play for the raiders anymore?

The rest of the guys are all unproven or rookies not worth mentioning.

Cheifs have Bowe- who is better than any WR the raiders have and one of the best in the division, possibly a top 20 in the league.

Baldwin- Super talented diva. But he has a case of the dropsies. Not nearly as chronic, well actually he is, he is like DHB-fast and drops balls- only better.

Devon wylie- this is a rookie who is worthy of praise. Wes Welker type of guy.

Breaston-big guy, nothing fancy but solid. Id say close to chaz in terms of production availability


Meachum- Id take him over DHB anyday, not as fast, but he can catch, which is what a receiver does. He receives the football. He also can break tackles when he runs

Royal- Like a jacoby ford only slower, better route runner but also gets re-routed easily. About equal

M80- Malcom floyd, big fast explosive...Like DHB only he can catch but imo not all that talented. He is no Denarious but hes not that bad.


DT- Its between him and Bowe as the best WR in the division. DT is bigger than all of them, faster than most of them and stronger than all. He gets dinged up though and has not shown what he can do with a QB yet. More or less an unknown.

Decker- Big, strong, had a few easy drops, but only credited with 4. I know I would, but I am bias, but I have a feeling the other teams (bolts and chefs) would take him over DHB. Id say Decker is equivalent to Denarius Moore. Different type of player obviously, but number wise close.

Caldwell- Hes fast, surprised the raiders didnt draft him. I have no clue. As of now, the nod goes to DHB over caldwell. With manning I would not be surprised to see that change.

Stokley- old but still quick. Best slot guy in division, but now that age has caught up with him id say no. That would go to royal if hes there or ford, if they put him there

Then we have TEs:

Bolts- Gates and homandnoulamuanau (best set by far)
Chefs- Moeki and boss?- Solid- very solid, and proven.
broncos- tamme and dressen- solid and proven- equal to chefs, but below the chargers
Raiders- who and who? Myers and assbergers?---NOT a F'ING CHANCE!

How exactly do the raiders have the best wr in the division? Someone not an idiot raider fan explain to me, please.

PS- Here is the typical raider response....These guys have all the potential in the world, they are bigger than big and faster than fast. They leap tall buildings in a single bound and impregnant women just by looking at them.

Yes, we know, all potential means is that you can Not do something. If you could it wouldnt be potential. It would be proven, success, done, something that the raiders know nothing about yet always try to preach.
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