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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by DontBeMessin View Post
Chump Bailey owns nothing... Do you see my avatar? That's Porter IN DENVER and who is that behind him - walking away - sad...

Who is..


Who is that...?

CHUMP BAILEY?!?!? Nooooo..... And that's Porter? Who was Porters QB? What...? That fat kid... What was his name?

I will say this - Porter sucked - JaSuckass well - look at his name... We have McFadden and the best WR's in the AFC West... We will make Chump Bailey look his tired ass age!!!
I'm not sure what that game has to do with Carson Palmer, but Bailey dominates him almost as much as he dominated Randy Moss - it's close, but Moss gets it just because he had more chances to lose against Bailey.
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