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Originally Posted by CEH View Post
The factor you are not accounting for is the hurry up at altitude. There is no way you can prepare within the week for the altitude let alone one that is running in hurry up mode. This could be the one piece of the Manning offense many are underestimating

We shall see
When was the last time raiders lost in Denver.(okay I know it doesn't apply to your point, just had to get that little zinger in there) Have the raiders lost to the Broncos since you went to the new stadium.

How effective is the hurry up going to be when Peyton manning doesn't have the same chemistry with the Bronco receivers, he had with the Colts wr.
Raiders have safeties that can easily take out the Bronco Te's.

The Broncos defense is not stopping the Raiders offense . Too much on offense for the Bronco defense to handle. Neither of the Broncos two impact players (Doom and V miller) scare me. Raiders exploit the undersized doom every time in the running game.
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